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I wanted to make a list of aaalllll my favorite stylistic things in fanwork in time for SASO. Plus, some of my favorite tropes skirt very close to squicks. I figured I should lay them out in greater detail at least once on here! Kind of like an expanded version of a dear gifter letter. Not really a BaitMeSaso post since it goes both ways.

(under construction)

I AM A SLUT FOR LIGHTING. Sunsets, neon, dark rooms with a single bright window, and even completely white backgrounds with a backlit character, integrating the blank space into the ambiance. top fave color schemes are very outer space/nighttime: navy blue/gold/(cream), blue/purple/pink, plum/hot pink/orange/goldenrod other equally nice but not space themed palettes: emerald/mint/white/(red or yellow), berry/plum or maroon/brown or black, olive/navy/lemon, the always classic grayscale/accent hue, RBY, CMY funny faces. I'm easy, actually

UNCONVENTIONAL METAPHORS TOP TOP FAVE i don't care if you're a bit bombastic. Who else is gonna use all those pretty words?sometimes I hear iambic pentameter in everyday conversation and want to make a poem out of an incongruous phrase. If you suffer the same affliction throw some blank verse my way

Things might get messy from here on out because I'm describing my squicks and some of what I'm writing right here grosses me out to read like in this post itself. Proceed with caution :')

dnw list )
to be continued

IHX 2017!

Feb. 25th, 2017 07:51 pm
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Hello dear gifter!!! Thanks for signing up!

I'll start this the same as every other exchange letter: with some general likes and dislikes

  • If you want to write: I love unconventional metaphors
  • If you want to draw: I'm a sucker for interesting lighting and costume swaps or redesigns
  • You may have noticed from my journal background: i love stars, just, aesthetically
  • sports anime trope that gets me every time: older character who's set up as a less talented foil to one of he protagonist first-years, usually on their own team. jealous and often afraid of being replaced. my fave <3
  • generic AUs i'm down with: hogwarts, pokemon, ivalice, corporate finance (shhhh), homestuck, college
  • gore (especially written; if you can stylize body horror art enough that's ok)
  • casual insults related to gender/sexuality/promiscuity. if a character is saying something like that they should know it's gonna hurt.
  • nsfw - if this is just easier for you to create then feel free but keep it to consenting adults
This time I managed to squeeze most pairings/prompts into the signup itself so... I guess that's it! Oh, and feel free to poke around my SASO tags for sports anime prompts I've made over the last two years, if you want to kill time or you're still stumped on ideas. Happy creating!

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Dear Gifter,

Thanks in advance for what you are about to make!

First off, here's an idea of my general likes and dislikes:

- motifs that are special to me include stars and (dont judge me) economic references
- you may have noticed a bunch of gen/non-shippy requests; I love mentorships and admiration and, even in the things I ship romantically, the idea of characters drawing strength from each other
- if you're planning on gifting art:  I love funny faces and costume swaps
- if you're planning to write: i love reading detailed vignettes
- For this particular exchange, I have a slight preference for keepin' it PG-13 and below, just because of the way I ship most of these.


- I'd love it if you could work an appreciation for the sounds of poetry in somehow. References don't have to be specific, because I'm no scholar of Japanese literature myself.

- Ok one of my favorite things about this show is the costume design because I think it speaks volumes about where each character comes from and what their socioeconomic situation is (already made it or trying hard to move on up). If you could pick your favorite pair and make something where one of them teaches the other how to dress or shop for clothes for some situation, I would love it...

FE: Fates:
- I've only actually played Conquest to completion but I know enough about Scarlet and Ryoma to. ahahaha.
- If you're doing Camilla & Soleil, I did pick out something in their support where Camilla is Soleil's mother: Soleil says something gay and Camilla's line is "you take after me." I'd like to see them talk more about romance, bisexuality, and royal duties. Also, for it to not have incestuous implications.

- There can be some meaty rivalries in this series, so if you want to do something about being jealous of or respecting one's rival, I welcome it
- Also: it would be real cool to see how any pair handles teaming up for a double battle

Prince of Tennis:
- "Inui tries not to have feelings" and/or "Tezuka tries not to have feelings" sums up most of it, huh

- Juri is my precious daughter and I will love anything where Someone Is Nice To Juri
- Anything where a character looks at another character and sees a parallel to their own story/past/mistakes
- Preference for canon universe
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Last year I wrote something cute and optimistic and naïve, and I think even then, I probably knew it was just for show. And I considered writing something this year tearing that down, and dropping pretenses, but you know what. You know what? Acting okay in the face of everything may be what I, we, need right now. 

This year I started being more honest about general attitudes that made me feel bad. I was able to talk one-on-one with several of my friends about why some things felt wrong and others didn't. I've noticed recently that I'm less vague, that when I go into a guilt spiral I can get out of it faster, that I'm better able to see the granular data that swings a decision one way or another for me. (Thank you, if you're one of the people who talked out specifics with me. You probably saw me go back over the same ground two weeks later and two weeks after that all year long, but you did help.)

I think, from what I can remember, whether it was in my letter or not, that reducing my anxiety was one of my goals for 2016. It was all-consuming for a while last year. I didn't really do much on a conscious level to curb it, but looking back, it got done anyway? At the very least, the problem I wanted to be free of is not all-consuming anymore.

So, the problems from this year that felt all-consuming to me? They're just next year's goals.
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Hello dear gifter! I'm so excited for this exchange! thank you for signing up with me!

I'll start it off the same way I do every letter:
My favorite symbols to see in media are stars, streetlamps, basically anything glowy at night! "Space princess" is my favorite power fantasy.
I also love it when there's a concept from someone's school or work that shows up later as a metaphor for their ~feelings~ (my studies focused on economics so my work has utilitarianism and accounting language thrown in everywhere)
In writing, I love unconventional metaphors and I find in-depth descriptions of people's faces to be soothing.
In drawing, I am super super weak to strong lighting and shadow. My favorite color is a really dark teal or blue.

I can jive with any trans headcanons you wanna throw my way.
If you personally find sex easy or fun to write, I'm okay with getting it in the exchange, provided the characters are all sober, consenting adults.
I would rather see angst related to a character's personal guilt or hangups over "allowing" herself something nice than get fluff.
No mentions of character death outside what happens in canon, please. I'm ok with getting gore and body horror but can't really see them applied to any of the ships I requested...
I'm down with a lot of generic AUs including hogwarts, star trek, and college.
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 time to will smith pose at many other human beings and the things they have made
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BR6 fills
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 the BR5 fill compendium
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Well, I could just draw whatever I want this round, but diversity in ideas never hurt! 
Drop me a comment here with a ship and maybe a BR5-appropriate prompt and I'll see what I can do. If I don't get around to a request, I might have trouble envisioning it, and it doesn't mean I love you or your prompt any less. I set anon comments to "screened" so we'll see how that works.

I already have a list of ideas I want to draw, so don't feel like you need to prompt for me; this is if you want something or think it would be a goo

If you made a fill and want me to see it, feel free to link it as a comment here too, or nudge me on twitter [ profile] luckycricket33 

If you want ideas yourself, here's what I'd prompt, since I don't think these characters or pairings got a lot of attention recently:
  • Oe Kanade (Chihayafuru) - any pairing. [kana-chan voice] i love poetry.
  • Abe and Rio (Oofuri) - i dont even know what i'd want from this
  • I prompted two of the dolls from Angelic Layer last year and I'm tempted to again
  • Sanada and Raichi (Daiya) - together or with seido people
  • Reiji (GBF) - just seems like he'd lend himself well to the theme
  • Inui/Oishi (TeniPuri) look ok i look i just. those family episodes did it.
  • Hyoudou & Shizuku (Ballroom) do you ever just think about the blue team
  • Nozomi & Maki (Love Live) - an inversion of my usual senpai-kouhai platonic ship aesthetic
  • Kiyoko/Suga, Kageyama/Tsukishima (Haikyuu) - dont look at me
  • TadoFuku. TadoKin. FukuTou which i like to call ToFu. i mean left to my own devices i'll keep asking for teshima like a broken record (Yowapeda)
  • this isn't a ship but i love Ravenclaws
list does not necessarily reflect my absolute favorites or what i am more likely to draw this round
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 flex emoji
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 BR3 fill list

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BR3 prompt list!

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 canon is wild

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2016 BR2 Prompt List
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banner by toomo
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well even i can't be expected to remember them all without a list.

banner is a BR 0 gift from kuramochi. the dreamwidth user not, actual kuramochi, as canonical as his artistic prowess may be.

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im going to make an effort to ACTUALLY USE the banners i get this year so. this one's by underscored.

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Hello there!!! Thanks for participating in the exchange with me! We're gonna have some fun.

About me:
-i like pretty star patterns, cool lighting, and economic theories
-i do not want straightup dom/sub dynamics

Why i burn for this ship:
-kuramochi as a punkass prankster with a reverent side, being loud and bright and making bad jokes, and also sweating at being teased
-ryousuke choreographing things to fool people into thinking he's flawlessly competent. ryousuke fooling himself into thinking he has higher limits than he does. i want. kuramochi to see behind the facade and not mind that ryousuke has flaws as much as ryousuke minds his own flaws.
-i love it in fanworks when ryousuke gives kuramochi preemptive permission to do things because it establishes a kind of imperfect attempt at dominance like "you can't do this without my permission but also im not going to wait around for you to ask for it and im not going to ask for it myself i'm just going to suggest you do this for me, garbing my request in casual authority"

also, have this bingo card i made a few months ago

The bingo card seems kind of teasing but it's a work of love and I actually enjoy seeing stuff from it appear in different unrelated fanfic and fanart by different people. So if you've done a lot of the things on here - I hope you don't feel like I'm making fun of you! I'm also making fun of myself.

I decided to bring it in here because it's a pretty simple way to generate prompts or talk about things i don't want

so, uh

-supernatural beings/body horror are ok. ryousuke even likes horror stuff! it's canon
-if you give kuramochi multiple ear piercings i might combust because my boyfriend has. oh geez i think it's his helix? fcuk dont look at me.
-have you ever wanted to do trans headcanons? i'm open to girl kuramochi and NB ryou-san
-im down for kominato sibling jealousy but please dont feel pressured to include it if you're uncomfortable with that. one mild form of it, which is hardest to mess up, is ryousuke putting the moves on kuramochi (or refusing to) because he thinks haruichi wants a piece of that.
-even harder to mess up, because love triangles can be annoying if they're too prominent: just pair up haruichi and eijun. my baby bro side ship.
-i know i've talked about angst and horror but i also really love fics that don't take themselves too seriously, that poke fun at the tropes they're using by pushing them to casual absurdity, and that poke fun at the characters because at the end of the day, daiya no ace is about goofy teenagers
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